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The Business & Knowledge Gym is a complete personal and organisational development service designed entirely around YOU and YOUR business.  Our aim is quite simply to help you achieve your ambitions and goals in business.  Everything we do is centred around the needs of our clients – and each client is different.

The Gym will help you:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of your business;
  • Think more clearly about your goals and ambitions;
  • Make things happen – turning what you have into what you want.


Whilst we know that every business is different, we also know that there are several things they have in common.  That’s why we developed our 7-Square model.  And that’s also why we centre all our development efforts around YOU and YOUR TEAM.


Why a Gym?

You go to a gym when you want to get fit, or build your body.  We take the concept of training in a gym into the business world.  Rather than training muscles and your cardio-vascular system, we’ll be training your business acumen and skill.  We’ll help you get your processes, systems and people fitter, stronger and more efficient.  Together, we’ll help you make your current systems work better, and we’ll help you put in place new systems.


What’s In It for Me?

You’ll get out of this process benefits in proportion to the effort you put in.  Our aim is to help you:

  • Do more
  • Do it Better
  • Improve Income whilst reducing cost


The net result of all this is that your PROFIT will be greater.  But the best bit is that you will be in a much healthier position to be able to grow your business for the future.


How It Works


Self-Analysis – We’ve developed a simple questionnaire, based on our 7-Square model.  You fill it in and send it back to us and we’ll analyse the results.  As part of this we’ll ask you another series of questions – all in strict confidence.  Our aim is to build a detailed picture of the current state of your organisation and what are your ambitions.

Business Improvement Plan – based on our analysis, we’ll present you with a Bespoke Business Improvement Plan.  This is yours to keep.  It will outline what you need to do to achieve your goals – and in which order.  We’ll encourage you to keep your plan updated so that it reflects your current development needs.

Build Your Own Programme – now for the interesting stuff, our equivalent of going to the gym and working out.  You’ll put into practice your business improvement plan.  We’ll give you access to all the tools you need to get the job done.  You can choose to work on your own, or with us.  Whichever you choose, we’ll be there to support you.  We have 49 individual self-help guides, each addressing a specific part of your plan.  We’ve also written 88 guides that walk you through on a step-by-step basis each exercise you will implement.  We’ll provide you with as many or as few as you need.  We also have an extensive Policy Bank, and a growing range of Business Boosts.  We also have an excellent Athena Leadership programme, and we’ll be running membership clubs.

As you go, you’ll update your plan taking into account the evolving state of your business.  As you discover new areas for development, we’ll be there to support you.  Don’t think of this as a one-off project.  Think about it as on-going personal and business development.



Just like the normal gym, you need to join.  You build your membership package according to your needs and budget.  Membership starts at just £59 (including VAT), and you can add-on various elements as you need them.  Each membership package lasts for one year.  Excellent value – one year of development AND a business improvement plan for just over £1 a week.


Our Guides

We've developed a series of documents: currently 49 information sheets, 88 How2Guides and a growing wealth of other resources.

Some of our material is available freely to the general public.  Each week we produce a new Business Boost and they are available for free download for four weeks each.  After that, they’re only available to members and clients.


Do Yourself a Favour

If you’re serious about getting the best for you and your business, do yourself a favour and get involved in the Business & Knowledge Gym.  Request a self-analysis questionnaire today FREE OF CHARGE.  That’s right, we’ll give you a Business Improvement Plan FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION.  Then it’s up to you.


athena series

Click below to download PDF versions of BKG papers and booklets. These are some of the latest offerings:

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