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Welcome to the BKG One Minute Boost Homepage. Our aim is to give you some great ideas about how you could boost your business and take it to the next level quickly. Don't let the name mislead you. These will not take you one minute to put in place. We want you to take a minute - or a few short minutes - out of your busy schedule to think about what you can do to improve performance.

Each week, starting in January 2011, we'll publish a new Boost here on this site. There will be a few paragraphs exploring the idea, and a single side of paper in PDF form for you to download and keep. Our intention is to give you some ideas. If you want more - or support in implementing them, we can help. There will be a maximum of four boosts available on this site for free download at any one time. Each will be available for 4 weeks, before being taken down off the site.

When each title is removed, it will be only available to BKG members and customers.


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Business Planning

Due to demand, we have decided to keep the current set of titles active for the time being. New titles will be released soon.

Next week

Watch this space: to be announced


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index of current and past titles

Business Planning: Published 6th February 2011.

Getting Priorities Right: Published 13th February 2011.

3 1/2 Dimensions of Quality: Published 20th February 2011.

Manage Debtors: Published 27th February 2011.

Declare War on Waste: archived 6th February 2011

Moments of Truth: archived 13th February 2011

Improve Customer Service: Archived 20th February 2011.

Improve Staff Experience: Archived 27th February 2011.