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The Business & Knowledge Gym is published by Stuart and Pauline Haines in association with a small, eclectic and forward thinking group of people.

Meet the Team

Pauline Haines

Pauline Haines, is an IT professional, with vast experience working in many industries. She is much in demand to consult on data recovery, back up and restore. Pauline is a creative business thinker, with tremendous passion, drive and energy. If you have a problem to solve, Pauline's the one to turn to. She has extensive experience working in different functions in several large (and famous) organisations. Contact Pauline: Email Here

Stuart Haines

Stuart Haines, is the creative force behindthe Business and Knowledge Gym. Stuart has huge experience in both the public and private sectors, and has developed several large leadership programmes. Stuart works extensively with the NHS in England, and has an interest in small and evolving businesses. Stuart designed the Athena Progamme for HBS and is the principle author on Athena Series publications. Check out his blog. Contact Stuart: Email Here Call: 07545 786870

Ross Wylie

Ross Wylie has a wide range of experience working in multiple sectors and at all levels in organisations. Ross brings an analytical mind to the company, and is able to delve deep into an organistion to determine what it needs to do. Contact Ross: Email Here


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