clinicians as leaders

There is a wealth of evidence from both the UK and elsewhere in the world that healthcare organisations flourish when they embrace a true culture of clinical leadership - better clinical outucomes, better colleague feedback, better performance as organisations. Our view is that clinicians play a critical role in the success of healthcare organisations. If you agree that the core business of healthcare organisatons is delivering healthcare (in the widest sense), then it stands to reason that healthcare professionals need to play a central role. The key to success lies in clinicians working together and with management colleagues towards the same ends - a set of values-driven common goals.


The UK government has thrown down a challenge to the whole public sector - to contribute to the national economic recovery through making significant cuts. The challenge isn't so much where to make the cuts. The challenge is to create efficiencies whilst improving the overall service, Public expectations of the health service will not diminish. Quite the reverse. The only way to transform the service, and ensure that it continues to provide top-notch clinical services when and where they are needed, is to unlock the significant talents in clinical teams. It's not going to be as simple as having to achieve more with less. Rather, it's going to be about doing more BETTER with less.

We make the case for embracing clinical leadership, and using the myriad government agendas to improve quality and achieve efficiency in a paper offered as part of the Athena Series [ciick here to downlaod].

The arguments we offer are relevant to any professional group, working in complex organisations. Simply swap the word "clinician" for teacher, police officer, social worker, lawyer, accountant ... you name it. The challenges they face are very similar: trying to understand strange new language (management jargon), to influence strategy and direction, to bring [sceptical] colleagues on board, to make sense of seemingly crazy decisions made by people who don't fully grasp the nature of the 'business', etc. And, in many cases, many professionals want to maintain an element of their vocation. That is to say, doctors in management still want to be doctors, teachers sill want to teach, lawyers practice the law, pilots want to fly. This means that in many cases professionals in management wind up doing it part-time.


Business & Knowledge Gym for Clinicians

We designed the Business & Knowledge Gym to unlock latent talent and help people to build their skills so they could make a greater and more signifiant contribution to their organisation - in whichever sector. We are offering the same Business & Knowledge Gym package to clinicians. For £250 (+ VAT) per year, you will not only join a growing community of like-minded people, you will also develop your own personal improvement plan and distance coaching/mentoring. This could be a highly cost effective way to get a group of clinicians from the same organsiation to work, develop and learn together. We have a dscount scheme for larger groups of 10 or more people. Ask for details.

Regardless of whether you join the Gym, we have created an on-line community at Join our FREE network group, bringing clinicians and business people together. We are committed to sharing experiences and disseminating knowledge. Simply log on and in the Groups index, look up the Business & Knowledge Gym. We're there.


find out more about how we can help you and your colleagues make a sinificant difference - and ask about our discount structure. We're very happy to dicsuss our membership and educational packages. Send us an e-mail or contact Stuart Haines directly - 07545 786870. Click Here to Email

We have also adapted the Athena Programme specifically for Clinicians. Click Here for More Details.


Bespoke Seminars & Workshops

The support we can offer to clinicians is based on more than a decade of working with doctors in management, designing programmes, and deivering sessions on specific topics. We are able to offer bespoke workshops for clinical leaders, consultants, specialty doctors, trainees and managers on the following topics:

Revalidation: we can provide overview workshops delivered to large groups of clinicians and smaller, more focused sessions for medical managers - around the structures and processes needed to make revalidation work. Check out the Athena Series guide to Appraisal and Revalidation.

Medical Appraisal - please note, though, that we are not approved by the NHS Revalidation Support Team to deliver sessions on Strengthened Appraisal, although we have been involved in NHS appraisal for doctors since its introduction. Check out our Athena Series guide to Appraisal and Revalidation.

Leadership for Clinicians - we can provide a range of one day seminars covering specific aspects of clinical leadership; including sessions on: Communication, Service/System Transformation, Values-Based Leadership, Engaging Colleagues, Dificult Colleagues, Managing Performance, Quality. We have access to a wide range of learning professionals. We aim to tailor sessions around the needs of individuals and their organistions, and we work closely with the commissioner to design each component. If you have something in mind, get in touch and see how we can help. Check out our price guide [click here], and then ask about discounts (see what we can do to meet your budget). For more information, contact Stuart Haines by telephone on 07545 786870, or by Email at

We are also available to contribute to conferences on a range of topics. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs.