the athena clinical leadership programme

We have adapted the Athena Programme specifically for Clinical Leadership. This demonstrates how well the programme can be shaped to work for different professions. As with the general business Athena programme,the clinical version is entirely based on individual participants' needs taking into account their own personal requirements along with those of their organisations. Although our preferred model is the BKG 7-SQUARE framework, we also take into account the NHS Medical Leadership Competency Framework, and standards set by Colleges, Faculties and Regulatory Bodies.

The whole programme combines elements of taught material (the proportion depends on the the group and their organisation), with Action Learning Sets and a Service Improvement Project. Wherever possible, we will aim to combine taught elements with action learning sets in the the same day - to make the best use of time. Service Improvements Projects are a crucial component of the programme. We will encourage every participant to take part in a specific project as part of their programme. Participants will be able to transfer new knowledge and skill into lasting and meaningful service transformation - for the wider benefit of their organisation, colleagues and patients.

We offer full Business & Knowledge Gym membership to all participants in the Athena Programme, so they can benefit from distance mentoring, and wider networking with other members, wherever they are based.


Structure of the Programme

We structure all programmes around the needs of people and their organisations. It doesn't matter whether we are delivering a single session, a full taught programme, or personal mentoring, each programme is different. We pride ourselves on the fact that we don't really do "off the shelf".

Taught elements are shaped according to the needs of individuals and their organisations. However, there are certain themes that are relevant to pretty much all programmes. We have framed these around the portfolios of executive directors in NHS organisations. Our aim is to run a programme that combines inputs from BKG and from key members of the senior management team. Each module is designed in partnership with the organisation, and delivered together. This is a powerful way of introducing group members to senior players in the organisation. It is also a good way to create power networks, and allow executive directors to interact with talented individuals. A sample overview of a programme is outlined in the diagram, below.


Personal development is a combination of taught sessions, action learning sets, mentoring (from us and from colleagues elsewhere in the organisation) and a relevant service development project. A typical programme is delivered over a year, although we firmly believe that learning is a life-long activity. We can design the programme so that it is delivered as single days, double-days, half-days, etc. A standard programme would be delivered over eight full days during the year, although we can alter this to suit individual needs.

Our prices are outlined in the price list page [click here]. We'd be happy to discuss how we will tailor the programme to meet your needs.