price list & getting started







Gym Membership


e-Membership = £59 per person including VAT.

Full Gym Membership = £179 per person including VAT.


Athena Programme

Prices for the Athena Leadership programme are available upon request. We can provide it on a day-rate, individual participant rate or as an all-inlcusive price.



Getting Started


Getting started is easy. To enrol as a Business & Knowledge Gym member, simply complete an application form and send it back to us. Once we have processed your payment, we'll send you a self-analysis form, and off you go. A member of our team will contact you to find out more about you, and what you want to achieve in the Gym, and from this (and your self-analysis), we'll devise your tailored business improvement plan. You can download a PDF printable version of the application form, which you can post back to us at one of the addresses, below, enclosing a cheque, or giving details of your credit/debit card. Click Here for PDF version. Alternatively, we can send you an MS-Word version that you can e-mail back to us. Click Here to Email a Request for an Application Form. Put "Please send me a BKG Application Form" in the subject line of the email.

To enrol on the Athena Programme, contact the BKG Team directly so that we can ascertain your needs and make the necessary arrangements. If you are an individual participant wishing to join the programme, simply drop us an email. If you are interested in running the full programme in-house, contact our team and we'll arrange for someone to come and visit you.


Terms & Conditions

All BKG products and services are delivered in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Trade, a copy of which can be viewed from our homepage. We will normally invoice for individual modules and sessions at the end of each, and we have a 30 days payment requirement. In the case of programmes and longer-term projects, we would normally invoice for all or part of the programme in advance. We are very happy to split the cost of such programmes into sections and invoice for each according to a pre-agreed schedule.


Quality Assurance

Our aim is to deliver services that exactly meet our clients' needs. To that end, we work hard in advance of any work to design it in partnership with the client. On the rare occasions where a problem might exist, we encourage clients to discuss these with us directly and as soon as possible so that we can put it right. Not only are we keen to deliver our promises consistently according to the specifcations agreed at the outset, we seek to continuously improve what we do - and we do this in consultation with our clients and partners. Therefore, every product and service is subject to constant evaluation and re-evaluation, and as a result is liable to change and evolve. As a team, we ask ourselves every day, and in relation to everything we do, this question:

How can we do what we did today, better, tomorrow?