manage debtors

In this Business Boost special, we are publishing our How2Guide on Managing Your Debtors. These guides are exclusively for the use of our members - but from time to time we will put one on general release for a limited time. Use our guide to help you better manage your debtors and ensure that you get paid on time.

Debtors are people and businesses that owe you money. The PDF guide will help you think about processes to chase late payments, and includes a number of sample letters that you can adapt and use in your own organisation.

The topics covered in the PDF include:

  1. Understanding debtors
  2. Sample Debtor Management process
  3. Aged Debtors
  4. Sample letters


Click the icon, below, to download a PDF page on Business Planning.

This One Minute Boost will remain on this website for free download until 27th March 2011.

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