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The How2Guides will help you improve you and your organisation step-by-step. They are designed to complement the strategies set out in the 7-SQUARE model. Use them on their own, or as part of a wider development plan. Every member of the Business & Knowledge Gym gets their own personalised development plan - designed to meet their personal needs. The plan will outline what needs to be done to get you and your organisation on the right track so that you can achieve your goals. There is a How2Guide for most of the things you need to do. We'll supply the Guides you need to get going.

Each guide has been designed to enable you to get on with the job. Alternatively, we are happy to work alogside you, supporting and challenging you every step of the way. Put in place these strategies at your own pace, and grow your skill and experience with each step you take. We will expose you to areas of your business you may not have previously considered. All the while, both you personally and your organisation will grow in straength and confidence.

We currently have 88 How2Guides in our series. We're constantly looking for new ones - and we continuously evaluate their effectiveness.

Not everything is relevant to all organisations. We'lll pick out those most relevant for you - based on your self-analysis. Whilst you remain a member, you can have access to all guides in the series.

The current 88 Guides are listed in the table, below.


Each is available in either Microsoft Word or PDF format. Some provide handy templates that you can adapt and use for your organisation. This is an example front page:

How2Guides are only available to Gym members and cannot be downloaded from this website with the exception of those that are released from time to time for a time-limited period. If you would like more information about how these can be used in your organisation, get in touch.