the AThena series

We are committed to sharing what we have learnt in business with our clients. We decided that we would also make some material available much more widely. The Athena Series is a set of e-booklets and position papers all available in PDF format. Our intention is to constantly update them, as we go. They are not static documents. Those that are available for FREE download will appear on this web-page. Some may only be made available for a limited time.

It is our intention that all documents in this series are disseminated as widely as possible. We encourage readers to pass on the links to friends and colleagues. We also encourage feedback and further contributions. Tell us your experiences so that we can update this material and continue to share contemporary material. If you have material that you would like to offer for consideration in the Athena Series, please get in touch. As the series is available for FREE download, we don't make any money - and therefore we don't pay a writer's fee.

Join the Business & Knowledge Gym Network Group at Our intention is to encourage discussion about key business topics amongst our members and friends. If you have something you would like to talk about, and generate inputs from a wide range of business and professional people - let us know. This is all part of our commitment to sharing and disseminating information and learning.

Titles for Download

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Medical Appraisal and Revalidation: Medical revalidation is due to be launched across the UK in 2011/12. This is perhaps the most radical change to affect medicine in a generation. Based on more than a decade working with doctors on appraisal, and nationally on revalidation, this document is intended as a handy reference guide. It is not an academic paper. Author: Stuart Haines. Pages: 57 .Originally Published September 2010, the Second Edition became available on Sunday 21st November 2010. If you have downloaded an earlier version, be sure to replace it with this new version. Our thanks to Dr Bob MacKenzie for his contribution to editing the new version.

Clinical Leadership in the NHS: this discussion document is intended to stimulate debate and discussion. WIth the UK government imposing swingeing cuts across the public sector, this paper sets out how this could be turned into an opportunity to re-frame the discussion around clinical quality, by creating a true culture of clinical leadership. The paper argues that quality could be massively increased and costs reduced. Note, although the paper focuses on clinical leadership, the arguments hold true for other professional sectors - e.g. education, social care, etc. Simply substitute references to clinical with references to other professional groups. Authors: Stuart Haines and Dr Bob MacKenzie. Pages: 20. Published May 2010.


The Importance of Contracts for Joint Working in Healthcare by Dr Bob Mackenzie takes a look at the often complex minefield of contracting. Author: Dr Bob Mackenzie. Pages: 11. Published: February 2011.