Analysis of the business

devising your business improvement plan

The starting point in our relationship with you is to carry out an honest and objective analysis of your business. We have developed our own model, the 7-Square Model (click here for more details), which is designed to get underneath your organisation's skin. Our self-analysis form is built around this model. We'll ask you to grade your performance against each of the 49 Elements of Business. Our aim is to see in which elements you are strongest, and those in which you need our help. The questionnaire might appear complicated at first, but don't worry. We only need you to complete sections 1 and 2 to start with.

Section 1 gives us details about you and your company. It gives us a context in which to build your personal plan.

Section 2 is the most important part at this stage. It looks at how effective you are as a business. There are seven parts, each containing seven statements (there are 49 statements in total). We ask you to grade how effective you or your business is for each statement using a 7-point scoring scale. Although this can be completed by a singleindividual, it is often more effective when a number of colleagues complete the same form separately and return it to us. This will help us to build a more detailed picture of your business.

Section 3 looks at the various products, services and activities that your organisation undertakes, to see which add and create the most value. The information you will include in this is highly confidential. We recommend that you don't complete this section until we are well into your personal business improvement plan.

Section 4 looks at how you and your colleagues spend your time. Do you put energy into activities that generate the most value? Again, we won't ask you to complete this section until we are well underway with your personal business improvement plan.

You can down load a PDF version of the whole questionnaire, by clicking here. You can print this off and send it back to us. If you prefer, you can download a PDF version of sections 1 and 2. Alternatively, you can request a version in MS-Word by clicking here, and we'll e-mail it to you by return. Simply complete it and email it back to us.