the athena programme

There are thousands of leadership and organisational development programmes on the market. What sets ours apart from the rest is that ours is entirely TAILORED to meet your personal needs. We put you and your business IN THE DRIVING SEAT. We realise that you are busy, and you need the programme to deliver REAL RESULTS for you and your business. So, we look in detail at what you need, and then design something for you. Another thing that sets us apart is that we are TOTALLY FLEXIBLE. It's your programme, so you can have it YOUR WAY. At one end, we have a self-directed version, where you're the boss. You do what you need to do in your own time and at your own speed. We'll be there to push you along. At the other end of the scale we have a fully integrated, taught programme. We can come and deliver it in-house, or you can come as an individual to us.

We are experienced at delivering our programmes in multiple sectors. Because everything is tailored, and completely flexible it works in pretty much any setting.

Our clients sit right at the heart of the Athena Programme. Our teaching is shaped around the individual needs of people and their organisations. We tailor our teaching styles to match people's learning styles. We're happy teaching in a classroom, or working one-to-one, whichever suits. We believe that leadership and organisational development programmes work best when they lead directly to service or business improvement. Therefore, we ask all particpamts to link their personal programme directly to an IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. We strongly recommend that participants take part in an Action Learning Set linked to the programme, to maximise learning from the taught part of the course and issues arising from the project. We encourage all participants to join our Business & Knowledge Gym networking and learning clubs to widen their networks. Throughout your Athena experience, we'll provide you with personal mentoring, and we'll challenge you to continue to grow.

The key outputs of our programme are:

BETTER ORGANISATIONS, better able to meet their challenges;

stronger PERSONAL PERFORMANCE, getting more out of their role;

INCREASED PERSONAL CONFIDENCE, as people acquire, try out and become confident in new skills, and consequently are better able to contribute to the growth of their organisations;

GREATER SKILLS of both people and, by definition, their organisations;

IMPROVED NETWORKING as participants meet new people with similar outlooks to their own.


What We Teach

Although we structure programmes to meet individual needs, we have found that there are common themes emerging from the many programmes we have delivered down the years. These form the basis of taught curricula, whether we deliver in-house, or whether we do it in the Business & Knowledge Gym. The four broad themes are:

Organisational - strategy, vision, running the organisation. We look at this from the point of view of the Chief Executive or Managing Director.

Financial - all things connected with finance, commissioning, governance. We look at this from the view of the Finance Director.

People - managing and developing your most valuable resource, your people. In our business programmes, we look at this from the stand point of the HR Director. In our clinical programmes, we include elements about influencing other professionals and we include perspectives from the standpoint of Medical and Nurse Directors.

Operations - we look at aspects of delivering the business, and quality improvement systems, from the view point of the Director of Operations.


How The Main ATHENA themes fit into the 7-SQUARE model

The Athena programme is entirely underpinned by the BKG 7-Square model. The diagram, below, shows how it all fits together. The four Athena themes directly relate to Strategy & Vision, Business Systems, Organisational Processes and People. They also relate across the board to Values & Culture, Customers and Business Environment.

For more information, or for a discussion about how Athena can be adapted for you or your team, contact the BKG team.

We have created a CLINICAL LEADERSHIP version of the Athena Programme, designed for doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and management colleagues. It can be delivered in-house in healthcare organisations for teams, or on an inidivual basis. Click Here for More Details.