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Local independent businesses are right at the heart of any town or community. More people are employed by small businesses than any other sector in the ecomomy. Many of these enterprises are struggling against rising costs, increased taxation, stronger competition from large businesses and fewer people supporting them. Each small business that goes under is another nail in the coffin of local communities. Just look at the state of our high streets. The fact is, we need a vibrant small business sector. There are lots of reasons why small independent businesses are important to our communities. Here are ten good reasons to be going on with and some of the ways that you can help:

1. Helps keep prices down: As long as there is healthy competition, there is pressure to keep prices down. Each time a local trader goes out of business that competition is reduced. What would it be like if every corner shop had to close? What would happen to the prices in supermarkets?

2. Offers More Choice: the more independent businesses there are, across all sectors, the more choice there is. It means that there are more products offered at a greater range of prices to suit all customers and all budgets.

3. Gives Better Service: smaller businesses are closer to their customers, and it is in their interest to look after them. Also, they tend to employ people with greater experience and product knowledge. You'll often have a better experience in a local independent shop.

4. Enhances the character of your area: in an increasingly homogenous world, where the high street has become very generic, it's great to see diverse and interesting independent shops and businesses. People are more likely to visit your town if it has a range of interesting shops.

5. Creates the most local jobs: the fact is that more people work for small businesses than any other sector. When you support a local business, you are helping to protect and create more local jobs. And people tend to spend money near where they work. Local workers will spend money in other local businesses, thereby making them stronger and able to protect and create more local jobs. It's an ever increasing circle.

6. Invests in Communities: local businesses are part of the community to a greater extent than many larger chains who are simply located there. Local business people have more reason to participate in local affairs and events.

7. Stays loyal to the community: local independent businesses tend to stick around for the long haul. They see themselves as an integral and important part of the community. They care about it. They are closer to customers, and are better able to meet their needs. Small independent businesses go the extra mile for their communities.

8. Money Spent Stays Local: more of the money spent in local businesses stays around the community. It helps pay the wages of local people. Local businesses tend to support their neighbours, getting their supplies from other local firms. Their profits benefit local people rather than lining the pockets of faceless venture capitalists.

9. Environmentally better: goods and services are provided localy, meaning they have less distance to travel. Small businesses use less power. Customers have less distance to travel. Local businesses tend to be located near the centre of town - rather than on the outskirts in out-of-town developments, meaning they are more accessible and nearer to bus and train stations.

10. Backbone of their Community: wihout small local businesses, the heart and soul is removed from towns and cities. They are the backbone of both the local and national economies. When small independent businesses are doing well, they contribute massively to the overall economy. Equally, when they are struggling we all struggle.


Here's the rub. When small business does well, it has a knock-on effect on big business too. Unfortunately, the reverse is not always true. When big business is doing well, it doesn't necessarily translate to stronger local firms. So, if we care about our country and its economy, if we want to get out of the ecomomic situation we are in, we NEED to support small local businesses.

We're launching a campaign to get people spending with small businesses:

If every person in the UK spent an additional £10 in an independent business this weekend, it would have the effect of pumping £600 million pounds into the economy, and would significantly improve the situation for thousands of small businesses across the country. If every family looked at a single purchase that they were going to make in the coming weeks, and decided to make ONE of them in a local independent business instead of going to a national chain, that too would have a profound and positive effect.

What we want to do is PASS THE WORD, and get as many people as possible switching part of what they spend to local businesses. This is the best thing that we can all do to help the national economy - and do our bit to help our local towns.

We're not asking people to turn their backs on national chains. We believe that we need a good mix of all types of business. What we're asking is for people to transfer a SMALL part of what they spend into supporting a local independent business.


If you like the sound of what we're doing, and want to get on board, join our campaign today. All you have to do is send us an email so we can keep you updated on progress. Show your support by telling your friends about it. Display a poster in your window. More than anything, go out and spend a tenner in a local shop.

Thanks for your support.


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