Adapt policies and procedures for your organisation


Policies and procedures set out how things work in an organisation, and they provide a framework for staff and managers on how to deal with specific issues.  They are an important part of the management of organisations, but are often missing from small and medium sized businesses.

Over the last few years, we have been collecting examples of policies and procedures in place in a wide variety of organisations – both public and private sector.  We have worked our way through each, taking out references to specific processes and systems and making them as generic as possible (whilst retaining a sense of organisation). 

Through the BKG Policy Bank, our members can get access to a range of documents in Word format.  Each is intended to act as a ‘starter policy’, which our members can adapt for implementation in their own organisation.  Each document can be implemented in its current form and be very effective, but we believe that organisations should adapt and change procedures according to their own needs.  Our intention is to review our current collection from time to time so that they remain as up to date as possible.  We will also continue to collect new examples and add them to the Bank – so that more are available to our members.  Our team can also advise our members on the best ways to adapt and implement new policies and procedures.

The BKG Policy Bank is ideal for any small or new organisation looking to put in place its own systems, and wanting to do so efficiently and effectively with as little hassle as possible.  It is also useful for more established organisations looking to refine existing mechanisms, and add to their own range.


How Does It Work?

The BKG Policy Bank is simple.  BKG members get unlimited and fre and can take advantage of as many or as few as they choose.  All they have to do is let us know which they want – and we’ll e-mail them straight away.

Our expectation is that as well as ‘withdrawing’ policies and procedures from the bank, organisations will ‘deposit’ some too.  We’re happy to acknowledge individual companies that share policies, but we will usually take out references to company names, and we will remove logos.  The more organisations that share their policies and procedures, the richer the resource will become.

Non-members can access the resource too.  Non-members can access our policies and procedures free providing they make a deposit.  For each policy or procedure you deposit in the Bank, we will let you withdraw one from stock.


More Information?

For further information and advice about the range of policies and procedures in the BKG Policy Bank, how to access them or make a deposit, you can e-mail our team:


The Current Library

In December 2010, BKG released the first set of Policies and Procedures.  These are listed, below.  Click on the title, and you will be directed to a PDF copy of the first few paragraphs, so that you can get a sense of how the document is structured.  Members can contact the BKG team to get full access to each document.  The dates in brackets refer to the date the document was edited and put into the library.


Alcohol and Drugs Misuse Policy (December 2010)
Annual Leave Policy (September 2009)
Business Conduct, Ethics and Security (November 2009)
Changing Working Hours Process (October 2009)
Company Car Policy (September 2009)
Compassionate Leave Policy (September 2009)
Confidentiality Policy (September 2009)
Contemplation and Prayer Space Policy (October 2009)
Customer and Business Contacts Data Privacy Policy (November 2009)
Disciplinary Procedures (September 2009)
Diversity Policy (October 2009)
Dress Code (September 2009)
Drugs Policy (September 2009)
Educational Sponsorship Policy (October 2009)
Employing People with a Disability (December 2010)
Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policy (September 2009)
European HR Data Protection Policy (October 2009)
Expenses Policy (September 2009)
Family Friendly Policies (December 2010)
General Office Procedures (September 2009)
Grievance Policy (Alternative Version) (October 2009)
Health Attendance Policy (November 2009)
Health & Safety in the Office (December 2010)
Health & Safety Statement (September 2009)
Internet Policy (Sept 2009)
Invoice Payment Times (December 2010)
Media Policy (Sept 2009)
Mobile Phone Policy (Sept 2009)
Occupational Health Policy (November 2009)
Performance Management Process (September 2009)
Probationary Periods of Employment (December 2010)
Reserve Forces Policy (October 2009)
Sickness Absence Policy (September 2009)
Smoking Policy (September 2009)
Stress Management (November 2009)
Training & Development Policy (September 2009)
Travel Policy (September 2009)
Travel & Subsistence Policy (Alternative Version) (December 2010)
Unpaid & Sabbatical Leave Process (November 2009)
Working Time Policy (November 2009)
Work-Life Balance Policy (October 2009)


New titles will become available shortly, and will be highlighted on this site as soon as they are published.  From time to time, we will review the content and structure of each title to ensure its relevance.  We will change the dates in brackets when a new version is released.  We will also be producing a series of template forms to sit alongside many of these procedures.  As these become available, we will list them on this page, but PDF versions will not appear.